Morning Session & Lunch

A healthier future for the aging generation

GoCo Arena 5 Kärragatan, 431 53 Mölndal

Over the years the industry have been successful to develop several innovations to treat or detect diseases that commonly increase with age. In return this has led to more people living longer lives. Together we have a responsibility to continue to develop and create new solutions for the future of health. Not only to create good and valuable lives for the aging generation, but also to maintain a society that enables us to be actors in our own lives, regardless of age.

We invite you to participate in a morning session at GoCo Arena. Meet Academia and industry when they highlight the important dialogue focused on health for the aging generation.

Program 09:00 – 13:00

The program will be held in Swedish and will be moderated by Ingmar Skoog.

Hello and welcome to GoCo Health Innovation City

Marie Uddenmyr, Director Corporate Relations GoCo Health innovation City

The new way of aging - 70 is the new 50

Ingmar Skoog, Professor, and Chief Physician, Director of the Center for Aging and Health (AgeCap), University of Gothenburg

The aging bladder & bowel

Maria Lennerås, PhD, Medical Science Liaison, Wellspect Healthcare

The potential benefit of table tennis in Parkinson’s disease

Anders Johansson, MD PhD, Head of movement disorder section department of Neurology, Karolinska University Hospital/Department of Clinical Neuroscience Karolinska Institutet

The future of elderly care – challenges and opportunities

Conny Mathiesen, Business Area Manager

Dusanka Reljanovic, Regional Manager, South

Norlandia Elderly Care

A sample of blood for early detection of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

Christian Fermér, Vice President, Research and DevelopmentFujirebio Diagnostics

Patient Centricity – A vision of how to get there

Katarina Halling, Head of Patient Centered Science, AstraZeneca

Q&A followed by a 15 min break

Health Works panel talk Innovation & healthcare systems – Creating the perfect match

Great innovations that move us from sick care to health care can revolutionise how we feel when getting older. But to be relevant and valued by the end users innovations have to fit the healthcare matrix – or be able to change it. How can healthcare providers, payers and industry collaborate on mutually beneficial solutions and business models that work in reality?

Panel guests: Jan Kilhamn, MD, PhD, Head of R&D Healthcare, Region Västra Götaland and Kristian Nilsson, MD, resident geriatrician, and incumbent at Sahlgrenska University Hospital specialist training programme on Innovation & Technology.

Panel moderator: Mia Ekdahl, Head of Relations & Communications, AstraZeneca Health Works

Health Works is an AstraZeneca innovation hub aiming to transform healthcare systems, by accelerating concrete and people-centric improvements in real life settings.

Lunch with surprise visit

We end the day with a lunch break and the opportunity to network after the session. We will also have a visit from former world champion and now national team captain for the men's national table tennis team, Jörgen Persson.

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