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A Society: Experts of our future

What would experts of our future mirror? A Society hosted a
breakfast event in GoCo Health Innovation City. Six speakers, pitching six
diverse business cases. Afterwords, we opened up to networking.

The impression was a great mix of fields, such as; Recognize
the importance of GoCo to investors, what skills companies are searching for in
the future, the influence of hiring from different businesses, and curious ways
in recruiting new talents. We also had a visit from the recruitment robot –

Previous events


GoCo TV — OligoNova

Together with Helena Stålnert as a moderator, we will do a special GoCo-TV episode on the development of Oligonucleotide science. We will have experts within the field, discussing the future of Oligonucleotide. A family-based in Gothenburg will share their experience of Oligonucleotide therapy.

Host: GoCo Arena

Moderator: Helena Stålnert
Founding partners: AstraZeneca and Sahlgrenska Academy

Featured in the episode:

Agneta Holmäng – Professor and Dean at Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg

Shalini Andersson – Chief Scientist for New Therapeutic Modalities
and Head of oligonucleotide Discovery at AstraZeneca

Claes Gustafsson – Professor in medical biochemistry at Sahlgrenska Academy at
University of Gothenburg

Annemieke Aartsma-Rus – Professor of Translational Genetics at Leiden
University in the Netherlands

GoCo Studio Talks

GoCo Studio Talks — Physical activity after Covid-19

Industry professionals in covid-19 discuss risk factors, how to return to sport and activity after and how and how the disease affects the heart. Furthermore, they discuss long-term covid and rehabilitation.

Stay tuned to view this GoCo Small Talk session!  

Health Innovation West

Digital kick-off — Let’s get this party started! Steergroup meeting, Health Innovation West LIVE

Streaming live from The GoCo Studio: Let’s get this party started with Health Innovation

Sign up and join us live on Thursday, April 29th. Representatives from private and public organizations, active in the Life Science sector in West Sweden, have worked together during the last two years, to catalyze our position as a strong and attractive region for Life Science through increased collaboration.

Join this event to learn more and find out how your organization can benefit and get involved. Sign up to join here.

Host: GoCo Arena

Moderators: Mia Ekdahl and Magnus Björsne

GoCo Studio Talks

GoCo Studio Talks — Industry, Research collaboration

Our innovation program aims to accelerate health innovation by bringing people together. Through the GoCo Arena platform, we allow researchers, professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs to meet in several settings to share knowledge and collaborate.

The topic in this episode will be Industry, Research collaboration for health technology. This talk is a collaboration with our founding partner Sahlgrenska Academy and our chairman Mats Börjesson.

Mats Börjesson is Professor and M.D at Sahlgrenska Academy & Sahlgrenska Univ Hospital. He is also Co-manager of the Center for Health and Performance, University of Gothenburg. Furthermore, he is a specialist in internal medicine and cardiology.

Host: GoCo Arena

Moderator: Mats Börjesson


Stefan Grau - Professor in Biomechanics & Co-manager of the Center for Health and Performance (CHP) in Gothenburg
From basic (shoe) research to prototype

Thorsten Lange - Export Sales Manager at Elten GmbH
Necessity of research-based safety shoe development from Company perspective

Kristian SamuelssonMD PhD MSc Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Knee and Sports Medicine Specialist
Benefits of combining orthopaedics & engineering in injury prevention

Martin Fagerström - Associate Professor in Solid Mechanics at the Department of Industrial and Materials Science at Chalmers & Co-director of Chalmers Area of Advance in Health Engineering
Benefits of combining orthopaedics & engineering in injury prevention

Fredrik Johansson – FOV Fabrics AB, Business Developer
Innovation within textile material

A powerful step forward

We have created a program that includes key players from the business world and top-tier researchers. Listen to their view of why initiatives such as this are crucial. The full 30-minute program will be available from March 15.

GoCo Arena

Nutrition, Health and Performance

What we eat affects our health and how we perform. This is a well-established fact, but further knowledge about the relationship between nutrition and human health isn’t as widespread. With GoCo Arena’s open digital seminar on Nutrition, Health and Performance, we invite you to learn more.

The seminar will be held in Swedish and focuses on talks from different professionals, connected through their knowledge of how food affects us both physically and mentally. The speaker’s different perspectives and experiences will give you a deeper understanding of the role food plays in our lives.

The seminar is moderated by Lisa Lindström, founder of the design and innovation agency Doberman.

GoCo Arena

How Movement and Exercise Can Make the Next Generation Healthier

Our physical activity is decreasing. Something that affects our mental and physical health negatively. However, it is not only adults who move less, but also our youngest citizens spend too much time sitting still. This is something that needs to change. Therefore, we want to invite you to a digital seminar where we discuss how physical activity can make the next generation healthier.

During the morning, Mats Börjesson, Mats Börjesson, Professor, Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg, shares his knowledge of the direct impact of physical activity on children's health. Johan Faskunger, author, consultant and doctor of physical activity and health sciences, shares his view on freedom of movement and how to build a society adapted to movement.

Carolina Klüft, operations manager at Generation Pep participates and talks about her work with Generation Pep, specifically with an aim at school activities. Furthermore, Karin Redelius, professor of pedagogy at The Gymnastics and Sports- University, talks about sports associations, and children's right to shape their own participation in sports. The moderator for the morning is Lisa Lindström, founder of the design and innovation agency Doberman.

It will be a morning full of inspiration and important discussions, and we hope to see you there!

Warm welcome!

GoCo Arena

Physical Activity Towards Better Health

Physical activities play a crucial role in the health of a society, yet, people seem to move less every year. In a world of constant digital presence, it continuously becomes harder to cut through the noise to make real differences in people’s lives. 

To uncover what forces that create real change in people’s behaviors and to generate seeds that will amplify further innovations, we have decided to gather some of the most brilliant minds that we know for a session of exploration.

In a 3-hour workshop using physical activity as a starting point, we will join forces to unravel innovations that create the changes we need for better public health. The session is led by the experienced innovation facilitator and change-maker Lisa Lindström. They will be accompanied by world-class speakers that will inspire us all to think beyond the obvious and to find new paths towards the future.

GoCo Arena

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Sweden’s Minister of Business, Industry, and Innovation breaks ground on the first new building in GoCo Health Innovation City and welcomes Japanese cancer diagnostics company Fujirebio as the first new tenant.

GoCo Health Innovation City has the vision to be Sweden's largest life science cluster. Co-developed by Next Step, Vectura Properties, and AstraZeneca, the 100,000 square-meter campus aims to house 350 large and small companies, as well as researchers and students. In total, the cluster will have more than 7,000 workspaces.

The first new building will be a state-of-the-art laboratory building for diagnostics development, with 8,000 square meters tailor-made for new tenant Fujirebio. Fujirebio is part of Miraca Group, a global group based in Japan. Representatives from GoCo Health Innovation City and Fujirebio met at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo last week to sign the agreements formally.

“Our vision is to continue to expand globally. Good partnership and collaboration are the key to innovation and GoCo Health Innovation City is the perfect place for us to establish new partnerships. The concept and the community will also help us to attract new talent, which is another positive benefit for our company. We look forward to growing in Sweden and I hope that our relations with Sweden will be strengthened,” says Goki Ishikawa, President & CEO, Fujirebio Inc.

“Innovative solutions for better care and health require a thorough understanding of unmet medical needs, but also close collaboration between caregivers, academic researchers, the pharmaceutical industry, and the diagnostic industry. That's exactly what GoCo Health Innovation City offers us,” says Christina Hall, CEO of Fujirebio Diagnostics.

Big and small companies now see the benefits of different players sitting together in new collaborative environments. Strong examples of this include the mobility cluster created at Lindholmen in Gothenburg.

“We are inclusive and will strengthen an already strong life science region by providing new opportunities to collocate and collaborate. Other examples around the world have demonstrated that when industry segments come together, they gain competitive advantages in the long term. The fact that Fujirebio selected us proves that we have a competitive product that is on the right path,” says Peder Wahlgren, CEO of GoCo Development AB.

“It is through collaboration that we can strengthen Sweden's competitiveness and our leadership in innovation, and at the same time meet common societal challenges. The investment in GoCo Health Innovation City will strength our position even further and make the West Sweden region a world-leading health innovation cluster” says Minister Ibrahim Baylan.

International competition is intensifying, and GoCo Health Innovation City’s ambition is to position Sweden, and foremost West Sweden, as a magnet for the best expertise and the most innovative companies in life science and health.

“Today’s groundbreaking is the realization of a bold vision that AstraZeneca set three years ago to co-develop a new, world-class health innovation cluster in West Sweden. We are very pleased to welcome Fujirebio and look forward to an exciting future for GoCo Health Innovation City and for life science in Sweden,” said Katarina Ageborg, AstraZeneca EVP Sustainability and President, AstraZeneca AB.

Together, the design agency Doberman Group, the urban development agency Gehl, Mölndal City, and others created the detailed plan for GoCo Health Innovation City in record time.

Open Lab

GoCoHIC visit from IVA at Open Lab

We really enjoyed and appreciated the visit we had from Kungl. Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien, IVA at GoCo Health Innovation City, Open Lab. Our team received a lot of questions on the spot, and positive reactions about current happenings and what there is to come in the next steps.

Thank you, Anna Holmberg, for the talk and for connecting IVA and GoCo Health Innovation City!

We are looking forward to future visitors!

Open Lab

GoCoHIC Medici Event at Open Lab

What a night! Frans Johansson, CEO, and founder of The Medici Group, joined us at this mix and mingle event. It brought together people from different industries, expertise, and backgrounds, creating the opportunity for more intersections and collaborations.

During the evening, we also had the chance to listen to four additional speakers, Peder Wahlgren, CEO at GoCo Health Innovation City, Matti Ahlqvist, Site director at AstraZeneca, Fuad Shidane, Brand ambassador at Academic Work/Intern at GoCo Health Innovation City, and Anna Holmberg from Sahlgrenska School of Innovation. A special thank you to everyone who joined the event, creating a great atmosphere!

The event was hosted in collaboration with The Medici Effect Community members, GoCo Health Innovation City, and AstraZeneca's BioVentureHub.