Breakfast Seminar

Wearables for better health

GoCo Arena Gothenburg, Sweden

During the first half of 2021, GoCo Arena has been bringing representatives from academia and industry together resulting in a new collaborative platform: Sports, Exercise and Health.

September 9th will be an important step in establishing the vision in our shared strategy.

Take part in a day focusing on health, highlighting discussions about physical activity, new measurement technology in performance sports. Join us to support the importance of creating collaboration to drive health development.

GoCo offers breakfast and a mindful breathing exercise to start off the day, followed by a panel talk with guest researchers Dan Kuylenstierna, Chalmers, and Daniel Arvidsson, Center for Health and Performance, University of Gothenburg and Technogym, Silvano Zanuso, about research on measuring physical activity on an individual-based level.

Due to the current situation, the event is aligned with the recommendations of Folkhälsomyndigheten, the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Please note that there are a limited amount of seats.

Bring your bike! GoCo Arena supports sustainable transportation options. During the whole day, we also offer bike services at a reduced price together with our partner, Nitram Bikespot.

We encourage you to go by bike as a healthier option for you and a better alternative for our planet.

In collaboration with: Sports, Exercise and health Göteborgs Universitet, CHP – Centrum för Hälsa och Prestation Chalmers, Styrkeområde Hälsa och Teknik Göteborgs Friidrottsförbund Business Region Göteborg Västra Götalandsregionen RF-SISU Västra Götaland Göteborg & Co GoCo Health Innovation City, GoCo Arena

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