Digital seminar – How movement and exercise can make the next generation healthier

Next up at GoCo Arena is our open digital seminar where we discuss how physical activity can make the next generation healthier. Learn more from our industry professionals in health and Carolina Klüft, operations manager at Generation Pep.

Our physical activity is decreasing. Something that affects our mental and physical health negatively. However, it is not only adults who move less, but also our youngest citizens spend too much time sitting still. This is something that needs to change. Therefore, we want to invite you to a digital seminar where we discuss how physical activity can make the next generation healthier.

During the morning, Mats Börjesson, Mats Börjesson, Professor, Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg, shares his knowledge of the direct impact of physical activity on children's health. Johan Faskunger, author, consultant and doctor of physical activity and health sciences, shares his view on freedom of movement and how to build a society adapted to movement.

Carolina Klüft, operations manager at Generation Pep participates and talks about her work with Generation Pep, specifically with an aim at school activities. Furthermore,
Karin Redelius, professor of pedagogy at The Gymnastics and Sports- University, talks about sports associations, and children's right to shape their own participation in sports. The moderator for the morning is Lisa Lindström, founder of the design and innovation agency Doberman.

It will be a morning full of inspiration and important discussions, and we hope to see you there!

Warm welcome!

Date and time:
December 14th 2020, 9:00 – 12:00

Join by sending an email with your name and company to The link to the seminar will be sent out the day before.


Carolina Klüft
Carolina Klüft is a former Swedish elite athlete. Now, she is operations manager for Generation Pep; an organization she has been a part of since it was initiated by the Crown Princess Couple's Foundation in 2016. Generation Pep's vision is that all children and youths should have the opportunity and desire to live an active and healthy life.

Mats Börjesson
Mats Börjesson is Professor and Chief Physician in Cardiology at Sahlgrenska Academy & Sahlgrenska Univ Hospital. He is also the director of the Center for Health and Performance, University of Gothenburg. He is a specialist in internal medicine, cardiology and pain. He has focused his research on physical activity and health, sports medicine and sports cardiology. Additionally, he has a history of being team doctor for both GAIS soccer team and the women's national team and is also a medical expert in the TV program "Bästa träningen".

Johan Faskunger
Johan Faskunger has studied sports & fitness pedagogy at the University of Gothenburg and has both a doctor´s and a master's degree in the field of physical activity & health sciences at the University of Bristol. Previously, Johan has been responsible at the national level for promoting physical activity at the National Institute of Public Health. For example, he was involved in creating an action plan to improve national diet habits and physical activity. Furthermore, he was responsible for a governmental assignment to investigate the environment's impact on physical activity. He has worked as a project manager at Karolinska Institutet and today he devotes most of his time to lectures, courses, investigations and writing assignments through his own company ProActivity AB.

Karin Redelius
Karin Redelius is a professor of sports pedagogy at the Gymnastics and Sports University in Stockholm. Her research interest is especially within sports for children in relation to the principles of the Children's Convention. They are also focused on the added value from being active and doing sports - in addition to the actual activity. Recently, she has mainly studied the prevalence of early elite initiatives among children and issues related to commercialization trends. Furthermore, Redelius has played bandy at national level and been a football coach for young people. She was also a member of the Swedish Sports Confederation's board 2006–2011.

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