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Engaging new minds to create solutions for sustainable mobility

At GoCo we believe in linking the minds of Academia with industry and business. We also believe that the next generation has a given place in being creative, innovative and brave enough to take on new solutions for increasing sustainability of the every day life.

Therefore we are proud to present this team of Engineering students from Chalmers. They will during the spring of 2019 be doing their Bachelor Thesis on the subject: Promoting biking and changing behaviours of commuting

We are eager to see and hear what they will be presenting in Maj! And will be working on the implementation of innovative mobility solutions in the physical development of GoCo.

Extra proud to be able to engage such a diverse team of students, coming from industrial design, civilengineering and mechanical engineering. Fun fact: this was the most popular Bachelor Thesis for the instituation at Chalmers! (65 applicants to 6 spots!)

GoCo work alongside with many instituations, student groups and researchers at both Chalmers and Gothenburg University to bring academia, students, healthcare and companies together. This is a crucial part in creating a world class innovation climate for those working on health innovations.

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