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GoCo Health Innovation City collaborates with Resvana to encourage sustainable travel habits.

Focusing on innovation, health and sustainability, GoCo Health Innovation City develops a

global life science hub in Mölndal, just south of Gothenburg. The vision is to create a district for global leadership in Life Science and health innovation.

The signature building GoCo House will stand ready by the end of the year. A large number of residents are expected to commute to the district. To enable sustainable commuting, GoCo Health Innovation City and Nudgd collaborate to provide the digital platform Resvana.

GoCo is making major investments in sustainability with energy-efficient buildings, electrical charging stations, mobility hubs and several other climate friendly services to reduce the carbon footprint with the expectancy to be climate-neutral by 2030.

GoCo wants to encourage sustainable travel habits through nudging. The digital tool Resvana uses nudging to facilitate more sustainable travel and gathers information and suggestions for cycling, walking and public transportation.

By collaborating with Resvana, GoCo wants to promote the development of an innovative and sustainable district in Mölndal, making it easier to achieve increased well-being and climate-friendly habits.

- It is incredibly fun that an innovative workplace like GoCo chooses Resvana to help its residents create sustainable travel habits! We look forward to the collaboration and jointly inspire more people to choose walking, cycling or public transport, says Natalie Kamra-Kregert, project manager for sustainable mobility and Resvana, Nudgd

Contractors already commuting to GoCo Health Innovation City are offered Resvana to identify how to commute more climate friendly. GoCo wants to offer the possibility of leaving the car at home and choosing other, more sustainable means of transportation.

- For us as city developers and property owners, taking responsibility for the climate and human health is extremely important. Being able to offer new travel habits is an important part of this. Everything from commuting to work with the researcher who lives in the area in a few years, to the construction worker who today is thinking about how he or she can combine cycling with commuting. With Resvana, we have been able to simplify the process of talking about these issues with everyone who comes to the area, to be able to nudge into a more climate-smart behavior, says Viktor Bakker, project manager at GoCo Sustainability & Infrastructure.

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