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GoCo Health Innovation City expands its collaboration with AstraZeneca

The leading biopharmaceutical company strengthens its ties to the life science city of GoCo Health Innovation City by establishing in the signature building GoCo House and becoming a founding partner in the innovation program, GoCo Arena.

"GoCo Health Innovation City is a unique investment that we want to contribute to and benefit from. That's why we are establishing in GoCo House, built to accelerate innovation," says Matti Ahlqvist, Executive Site Director for AstraZeneca's site in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg is one out of three strategic, AstraZeneca’s global R&D-center. The site plays a central role in the company's mission to develop life-changing medicines for patients. On this foundation, GoCo Health Innovation City is growing and taking shape. It’s now decided that AstraZeneca will rent 700 square meters on the first floor in GoCo house, which will be complete in the beginning of 2023.

"In addition to gathering companies, researchers, and other players within the health industry, it's needed to create the right conditions for cooperation, exchange of knowledge, and a place for people to meet. It's essential for innovation and the foundation for the innovation program at GoCo Arena," says Matti Ahlqvist.

"With that background, it feels natural for us to become Founding Partner to GoCo Arena together with Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg among others," he adds.

As one of many founding Founding Partners, AstraZeneca will be leading in setting the agenda for the innovation program, which aims to accelerate health innovation with a platform for cooperation between scientists and businesses. The platform includes a meeting place in the heart of GoCo Health Innovation City. The programme was launched a little less than a year ago, and several events have already taken place.

"GoCo arena is the facilitator that gives players from different areas within health the

opportunity to meet and collaborate in a neutral environment. The fact that AstraZeneca follows the lead of the Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg and becomes a founding partner speaks volumes about how important this is, and that it is happening right now," says Marie Uddenmyr, Community Manager at GoCo Arena.

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