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Great interest in the Office Hub at GoCo House

GoCo House recently presented the Office Hub, a co-working space in the signature building, and the interest has been great since the launch of the sites was released. Companies such as SciLifeLab, Health Innovation West, Semcon, Key2Compliance, HumbleBee, Garmin Health and Mpya Sci & Tech are businesses that will join the new office building and accede to the innovation cluster that is emerging in GoCo Health Innovation City.

- In GoCo House, we have brought the entire district to life in one single building. As a member, you become part of a larger context where new networks and meetings will open up for new business opportunities. The interest is huge and from what I hear, the idea of collaboration and the synergy effects that are created from there is a big part of the success factor, says Pernilla Andersson, business developer at GoCo and responsible for GoCo Office Hub.

One of the companies joining the Office Hub is Garmin, which with its business area Garmin Health, offers innovative programs in health.

- We see the establishment of GoCo as an important hub within health, an exciting project that we want to be a part of. There are lots of synergies being in the middle of a network of innovative companies and we look forward to a productive collaboration, says Jan-Åke Arenäs, Managing Director Garmin Nordic.

The Office Hub is located on the first floor of GoCo House, directly adjacent to the restaurant, café, meeting and conference rooms. All to promote spontaneous meetings and collaborations between the companies. For the recruitment company Mpya Sci & Tech, specializing in technology and science, the establishment in GoCo House and the Office Hub will be serving several purposes.

- First, GoCo’s ambition to nurture interdisciplinary collaborations between Life Sciences and Tech suits Mpya Sci & Tech’s profile very well. Second, Mpya Sci & Tech’s values to be excitedly curious and inclusive fits perfectly with GoCo’s focus on innovation and partnerships, says David Rüdel Regional manager/Talent Advisor at Mpya Sci & Tech.

Medtech and pharmaceutical consultants Key2Compliance is also on its way to the Office Hub. A rapidly growing company seeing GoCo as a strategic place for its continued expansion.

- GoCo is a vibrant center for innovation in life science, which will give us good opportunities to collaborate with partners as well as customers. GoCo House opens up new opportunities for our educational activities and as a part of being an attractive employer, we also want to offer an inspiring and pleasant work environment. We believe that GoCo provides it all, says Jan Hellqvist, CEO of Key2Compliance.

With the Office Hub, GoCo House offers an environment for one-man companies as well as to large international companies. The mix of activities in health and innovation together with a mix of the business sector, academia and healthcare, gathered in one place will be unbeatable, concludes Pernilla Andersson, business developer at GoCo.

The following companies have currently signed agreements with the Office Hub:

Health Innovation West, Garmin Health, MPYA Sci&Tech, Semcon, HumbleBee, Key2Compliance, YouGoHealthPlan, Lipigon Pharmaceuticals and SciLifeLab/GU.

GoCo House is expected to be ready early 2023.

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