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Henrik Lundqvist invests in GoCo Active, an initiative for the future of Sports medicine

Building on the success at GoCo, where academia, private and public have collaborated to establish an arena for co-creating a better world through health innovation, the founders now are taking the next step on the journey, by launching GoCo Active, a building and digital platform, which aims to find solutions to some of the world's biggest health challenges. Created by GoCo Health Innovation City, Gothenburg University and Chalmers University of Technology.

– GoCo has the potential to be a platform where academia and companies work closely together to achieve joint success. I am really looking forward taking the next step in preventative healthcare, by making the pioneering research around sports medicine become central in achieving health for the public, says Eva Wiberg, President at Gothenburg University

– GoCo Active will create an arena for collaboration and interaction between researchers, students, athletes and the general public. As a National Sports University, and with research at the intersection between health and technology, Chalmers’ profile is ideally suited to the aims of the project. Contributing to improving health and development in this area feels like an important and exciting prospect, says Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO of Chalmers University of Technology.

The “King of New York” returns to his hometown in Sweden for the next chapter in his career. Henrik Lundqvist invests in GoCo Active with a diverse set of sports scientists, architects and digital experts to build the next generation health and fitness experience. Sweden brought him a sports for all approach, NHL brought him an elite coaching approach, now he is combining these experiences in his collaboration leading scientist, entrepreneurs and creatives.

– In Sweden we have a rich history of great athletes and a huge platform of science and research. It’s time to combine them and create a place where it all comes together. We live in a time where our health, both physically and mentally is very important. Throughout my life, sports and exercise has played a huge part. As many of us know, first step in living a good life is a healthy lifestyle with exercise. As kids or adults, we will all benefit from it. This project will help us create a place for everyone, with tons of knowledge and guidance, with the ultimate goal of high performance and great health, says Henrik Lundqvist.

The project is established through a joint belief in making leading research commercialized and accessible faster to the market.

– Patricia Industries and our portfolio companies are committed to improve the lives of people through a wide range of Life Science applications. We are excited to support this movement, through our real estate company Vectura, with focus on preventative health and mental wellbeing, says Christian Cederholm, Head of Patricia Industries, a part of Investor AB.

GoCoActive will launch in the heart of GoCo Health Innovation City, situated in Mölndal, next to the AstraZeneca.

– For AstraZeneca in Gothenburg, it goes without saying that we fully support the establishment of GoCo Active, which aligns very well with our goals. That everyone should have access to health care, not least to prevent disease, is a central part of our business, and GoCo Active is another important step on the road, says Anders Holmén, Vice President and Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences, R&D, at AstraZeneca.

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