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New Modality Support is implemented – for commercialization of research from OligoNova and CCRM Nordic

New Modality Support (NMS) — a collaboration between Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and GU Ventures, was established recently, with the mission to support the commercial development of research projects within the national drug development initiatives OligoNova and CCRM Nordic. Now, NMS takes important steps towards implementation.

Västra Götaland Region (VGR), through its Environment and Regional Development Board, has contributed financial support to establish NMS at GoCo Health Innovation City in Mölndal. This decision enables GU Ventures, the holding company at the University of Gothenburg and coordinator of NMS, to take the next steps in advancing this initiative.

“This initiative clarifies the strength of our mission to drive both regional drug development and healthcare. An important prerequisite for patients to be able to access novel, advanced drugs is the translation of new research into sustainable business opportunities,” said Helena Lundberg Nilsson, Regional Development Director at VGR.

Success in therapeutic oligonucleotide and advanced therapy (ATMP)-specific drug development requires significant infrastructure investments, as well as new knowledge and understanding to handle development projects emerging from research strategically. Early incorporation of strategies for research development, application, and commercialization is vital to increase a project’s chance of commercial success.

“NMS acts as an entrepreneurial catalyst that provides drug development support and serves as a valuable hub of expertise for researchers and their projects as they progress towards clinical application,” said Klementina Österberg, CEO of GU Ventures.

NMS will facilitate further development and commercialization of individual research projects in this field. By connecting the experience and resources of participating parties with new, sector-specific expertise, value-creating services can be created and deployed more quickly. Moreover, as a platform that promotes networking and highlights both the research and commercialization efforts within the therapeutic oligonucleotide and ATMP arena, NMS will increase opportunities for projects and companies to attract investments and partnerships.

“Although OligoNova and CCRM Nordic operate in relatively different areas and development stages, there are significant opportunities for synergies and collaboration,” said Fredrik Wessberg, CEO of CCRM Nordic.

“Combining and building on our respective skills and strengths will leverage these unique assets to create new and competitive global companies. NMS is a crucial component in this formula and a central resource for the academic drug projects that we support,” said Pär Matsson, Professor and Scientific Leader at OligoNova Hub.

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NMS is strongly supported by the other constellation members, including the University of Gothenburg that aims to increase use of its research results by co-financing NMS.

“Utilizing research is crucial. Our researchers’ ideas and solutions can contribute to a better future—if given the opportunity to realize them. NMS plays an important role in achieving this,” said Jenny Nyström, Professor and Dean at Sahlgrenska Academy.

While GU Ventures has extensive experience in the business development of highly specialized and research-driven projects in life science and traditional drug development, the therapeutic oligonucleotide and ATMP arena requires novel specialist services, business models, skills, and types of collaboration. The VGR decision means that complementary resources can now be identified and deployed to NMS to explore and build new knowledge that will support drug development also in this arena.

“The healthcare sector plays a central role in the innovation process underlying new drug development. Within the area that NMS addresses, we already have established and good relationships with healthcare, industry, and academia, and will build on these. In this way, we will contribute to ensuring that healthcare and patient perspectives become an integral part of the development of new, advanced drugs,” said Kristina Levan, Project Manager for the ATMP Center at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

"We are delighted that this initiative is taking place at GoCo Health Innovation City, within the vibrant West Swedish ecosystem. This collaboration will foster global innovation and contribute to significant advancements in drug development and healthcare, showcasing the region's leadership on an international level", concludes Marie Uddenmyr, Director Corporate Relations.

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