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Norlandia opens research-oriented elderly care in GoCo Health Innovation City

GoCo Care is an initiative focusing on health care providers who want to work together to create tomorrow's health care. Norlandia will be the first to establish in GoCo Care, opening research-orientated elderly care with 60 apartments spread out across three floors in the new building for future care in GoCo Health Innovation City, which will be inaugurated as early as 2023.

GoCo Health Innovation City meets the life sciences industry's desire for a joint platform for health innovation. Collaboration is a critical issue for an industry with a continued high rate of innovation and to be able to challenge the global competition.

"Not only are we open to new and better ways of working, but we actively work and strive to find them through collaborations, further education and taking part in the latest research.

"By establishing in GoCo Care, we hope to get more extensive opportunities to collaborate with scientists and other companies that align with our company as well as the GoCo Vision regarding openness and the fact that collaboration is vital to accelerate innovation," says Nathalie Boulas Nilsson, Managing Director Sweden for Norlandia Health & Care Group (NHC).

The accommodation will have an innovation profile that opens up for collaborations and research projects with the ambition to find new solutions and working methods that improve care for the elderly.

A research project has already been discussed together with Age Cap – an association of departments and researchers at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers. The project investigates how art can affect the elderly's well-being and allows them to influence what art should be displayed at the elderly care.

"We are delighted to welcome such a prominent and innovation-oriented player as Norlandia. It quickly became apparent that Norlandia shares GoCo's vision. We look forward to following how their establishment here can improve the elderly care in general," says Joel Ambré, GoCo Health Innovation City.

GoCo Care will have an accessible location and be the first building to meet visitors coming to the Life Science-city that is rapidly growing next to AstraZeneca in Mölndal. There is service and an arrival hall make it easier for both residents and visitors to have good accessibility. One-half of GoCo Care is already rented out and other areas are rented out to other care provides who, like Norlandia, want to operate in GoCo's innovation climate.

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