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One of Sweden's leading radiology suppliers, Evidia, chooses GoCo Clinic for its new Gothenburg unit

GoCo Clinic will stand ready in the spring of 2023. An 8,000 sqm center for care and research at GoCo Health Innovation City. It is now announced that Evidia is choosing GoCo Clinic as its new base for Gothenburg - as the company grows both internationally and regionally with its operations for radiological examinations

Evidia is part of an international radiology group, located in Sweden, Norway, Germany and the Baltics. Every year, Evidia Sverige AB perform around half a million radiological examinations with magnetic camera, computed tomography, conventional X-ray, mammography, ultrasound and bone density measurement. In the Swedish market, Evidia primarily conducts operations on behalf of regions and hospitals, but also targets the private sector. By the spring of 2023, the unit in Gothenburg will take place in GoCo Clinic at GoCo Health Innovation City.

- The entire investment made with GoCo Health Innovation City feels both exciting, innovative and just right for us. Several of our partners have chosen to establish themselves in the area and we see several opportunities to become part of the context. Patient focus is the core of our entire business and we now look forward to offering a new welcoming environment with both a high technical standard, generous opening hours and not least a professional and safe care, says Christer Ström, operations manager of the Gothenburg region.

GoCo Clinic was designed by White Architects and when the building is completed will be an important element in the Life Science cluster that is now being formed in the new district. By the year 2025, 100,000 square meters will stand ready with several investments and initiatives that will push Swedish health innovation into the future. Establishing different types of performance care at GoCo will be significant for all actors on site, says Jonas Obert, business developer at GoCo Health Innovation City.

- The idea of collaboration is the foundation of everything we do here. Whether it is about paving the way for possible exchanges between our residents or collaborating with academia and society at large. With Evidia, we will add an incredibly important business that will be able to support research, assist other healthcare providers with valuable expertise and not to forget - add an invaluable service to patients, says Jonas Obert, business developer at GoCo Health Innovation City.

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