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Record breaking zoning scheme process for GoCo Health Innovation City

It now stands clear that the zoning scheme for GoCo Health Innovation City has gained legal force. The scheme, which includes offices, care facilities, hotels, training and research premises, and expat, researcher and student accommodation, has been developed in just under 20 months - which is record breaking for a scheme of this size.

"Now we can start the construction of the first stage where we expect to start early next year. We have a good dialogue with many stakeholders and the rental processes are already fully ongoing," says Peder Wahlgren, CEO of GoCo Health Innovation City.

The background to the rapid process is the collaborative urban development model that the project partner Next Step developed and together with Vectura Fastigheter and AstraZeneca now have used in the project.

The model is based on involving all stakeholders and referral bodies in depth directly, in order to create a collective vision for the area, as early as possible.

"The city's view on the project is that it is much more than a traditional real estate development project. We see it as a strategic urban development project and the reason why the zoning scheme process has gone so efficiently is that the project's involved parties have created the right conditions from the beginning," says Lisa Östman, zoning scheme manager at the Municipality of Mölndal.

She continues: "The collaborative urban development model is consistent with how we want to work within the municipality, and even though it required a high amount of resource at first, it becomes so much easier when we together create a common goal.

"The high ambition and gathered competencies have been inspiring and made the project educational also for us. The project is a role model that we will take with us in our upcoming big urban development projects."

Now the organization is working relentlessly towards the start of construction and the implementation of the vision, with the goal of creating a world leading innovation cluster in Life Science.

"Now that the zoning scheme process has been finished, we have the opportunity to create a place with the potential to take on a global leadership in Life Science. It's great for Mölndal and the Gothenburg region, but also for the whole of Sweden," says Matti Ahlqvist, Site Director at AstraZeneca Gothenburg.

Facts GoCo Health Innovation City:

· 100,000 square feet of BTA

· Investment of about 3.5 billion

· Opportunity for 350 companies

· Capacity for about 7000 people

· Construction starts in early 2020

· Moving in from 2021

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