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Ribocure Pharmaceuticals moves into GoCo Clinic - putting Sweden in the spotlight within oligonucleotide therapeutics

GoCo Health Innovation City can now happily announce that Ribocure Pharmaceuticals will move in and open a clinical trial unit at GoCo Clinic - where both patient care and research will be conducted. The ambitions are high and with the hope that the establishment will pave the way for the goal of becoming a European leader in RNA therapy. GoCo Clinic will be ready in the spring of 2023.

GoCo Active, GoCare, GoCo Living, GoCo House - and GoCo Clinic. The new district GoCo Health Innovation City continue investments with a majority of initiatives driving Swedish health innovation and life science into the future. The interest from both the industry, the business sector and the society has been enormous since the first sod was taken. Several residents are now ready to move in as buildings and development work are being completed. One of these is Ribocure Pharmaceuticals, which develops precision medicine through small interfering RNA (siRNA). Briefly described, it is about being able to turn off specific disease-causing genes and thereby cure both more uncommon genetic diseases as well as common diseases such as high blood pressure and high blood fats, etc.

- Our ambition is to put Sweden in the spotlight within oligonucleotid therapy and to conduct global clinical development here in Mölndal. At GoCo Clinic, we will conduct innovative proof of principle phase 1B and 2 studies and at the same time drive global product and business development, all on the same floor. So far, we have succeeded to reduce the development time from 8 years to less than 2 years in terms of going from idea to patient. I only see opportunities with the establishment at GoCo Clinic, from here we can become one of the leading companiesin Europe, says Li-Ming Gan, CEO and Chief Medical Officer at Ribocure Pharmaceuticals AB.

The establishment is strategically important for the area as a whole and is welcomed by Jonas Obert, Business Developer at GoCo Health Innovation City.

- Ribocure Pharmaceuticals is an incredibly exciting company that will bring a lot of value to the area and not least - to the outside world in general. The basic idea for GoCo Health Innovation City is based on finding new paths to innovation and companies like Ribocure Pharmaceuticals can make this possible by bringing both knowledge and ambitions creating synergy effects throughout our community.

GoCo Clinic is an 8,000 square meter center for care and research, expected to be completed in the spring of 2023. The building is designed by White Architects.

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