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Siemens Healthineers relocate to GoCo House

Last spring, construction began on GoCo House, the signature building for GoCo Health Innovation City in Mölndal, Sweden, where a new world-leading health innovation center is taking shape. Siemens Healthineers has now announced their choice of the office building for its operations in Gothenburg, thus joining the collaborative initiative in the rapidly expanding area.

GoCo House was designed by architects Semrén & Månsson with the ambition of becoming a collaborative meeting place for the regional and national actors in medical and health development. The 22,000 square meter office building will include public spaces with a restaurant and lounge, as well as co-working spaces, offices and various venues for conferences and meetings. The overall design is centered around several social spaces to encourage and offer opportunities for meeting and working together.

- GoCo House expresses the overall concept behind GoCo Health Innovation City. GoCo House seeks to create the best conditions for dialog and collaboration, with the long-term aim of building innovative power and a competitive Sweden. We are delighted now that Siemens Healthineers is choosing us for their Gothenburg office. It’s an exciting company at the very forefront of digital health where many of tomorrow’s solutions can also be found, says Pernilla Andersson, Business Developer at GoCo Health Innovation City.

Siemens Healthineers business range from imaging and laboratory diagnostics, imagine-guided therapy and cancer care for diagnosis and treatment decisions. As the industry becomes more and more integrated, cooperation and partnership also become increasingly important, according to Oskar Strand, product area manager of AI, Siemens Healthineers Nordic and Baltikum.

- Formerly relatively separated parts of life science, such as medical technology and medicines, are becoming more and more integrated into each other, for example in digital heath and the development of precision medicine. From that perspective, GoCo´s focus on collaboration is just the right development. We look forward to both contribute and benefit from the ecosystem that is emerging around GoCo, says Oskar Strand, product area manager of AI, Siemens Healthineers Nordic and Baltikum.

The initiative behind the new life science cluster is a joint venture between Next Step Group and Vectura Fastigheter whose founding partners include AstraZeneca, Sahlgrenska Academy, Wellspect and Fujirebio. In addition to GoCo House, housing for researchers, specialized care and elderly care are under development. GoCo Active, a meeting place for preventive health care and sports medicine, where Henrik Lundqvist was introduced as a partner in December, was also launched recently.

- Our working methods have changed, and collaboration across academia, the business sector, the public sector, politics and the community are important factors in pushing Swedish health innovation forward. But GoCo House is more than just a new office building; we’re laying the foundations for future innovations, exciting partnerships and outstanding research, says Marie Uddenmyr, Director Corporate Relations at GoCo Health Innovation City.

Companies such as XVIVO Perfusion and the AstraZeneca initiative Health Works have already announced they will be moving into GoCo House and establish their businesses in GoCo Health Innovation City. Now Siemens Healthineers is also looking forward to being part of this major investment.

- We are very pleased to have one of our offices located in GoCo´s life science cluster, as we are convinced that cooperation and partnership between academia, healthcare and the industry is the key to develop Swedish healthcare. The ecosystem that is emerging around GoCo will definitely make this possible, says Eric LaFleche, CEO, Siemens Healthineers Sweden.

Moving in is planned for December 2022.

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