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The first day and launch of GoCo Arena “Behavioural Changes Toward Better Health”

In the area beside AstraZeneca's site in Mölndal, we’re building an entire Health Innovation City. In two years time, the project will be close to its vision of creating a global hub for the Life Science Industry. But we want to get cracking on facing up to the challenges to human health right away. That’s why we initiated our health innovation programme. Its purpose is to set the innovation culture that’s at the core of GoCo Health Innovation City. That culture depends on the collaboration of people and openness to different perspectives, because that’s what fuels new ideas.

The first day of the programme followed the theme Behavioural Changes Toward Better Health. The purpose of gathering international keynote speakers and health professionals was to take quick action from the vast knowledge and experience in the room.

The day began with lectures and went on with workshopping aiming to answer the question: How might we make people healthier by increased physical activity? At the end of the day, the goal was to come up with new, innovative solutions as answers to that question.

It was introduced by Lisa Lindström, founder and CEO of the design company Doberman - transforming organisations, people and ideas to a better place to be. Lisa was also to lead the workshops during the day.

“We are here to take some action. So therefore we’re going to listen first and then we’re going to work and materialise”. The question of the day was “How might we make people healthier by increased physical activity?”

The first workshops

“How might we make people healthier by increased physical activity?”

Workshop leader Lisa Lindström, CEO of Doberman Group, divided the workshopping innovators into eight groups. She led them in how to take the learnings and insights from the morning keynotes, answering their big “Why”, to create and innovate their new “How”! The groups picked one technology, one human need and one existing service in order to create a new, innovative solution.

The energetic crowd jumped to it. And it got even more energetic, when the groups kept their decided track but switched some of the members between the groups. Then they continued their work toward a solution to present to the crowd.

Before they got the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the crowd, they were also confronted with some challenging claims, that stirred the energy around a bit.

Lisa then held a short lecture about innovation and designing new businesses or solutions based on the assumption that it is our responsibility to change the world. And in this particular case the invitation to influence solutions to increase physical activity for a better health.

Subjects such as friction, learning, embracing the non-linear, transparency, presence and authenticity where in that inspirational speech. And the concept of safety. An agreed safety that it’s okay to use and align with these subjects.

GoCo Arena it’s the beginning of creating of an open, redemptive and innovative culture. A culture that could be the edge and a competitive advantage in how to sow the good ideas that can be cultivated into innovations, failures, partnerships, knowledge transfers or just good relationships. That, combined with trust, non-corruption, safe and well-structured data, and of course scientific heritage and experience of triple or even quadruple helix collaborations are some of the things that put Sweden top in global and European innovation comparisons.

The workshop was further facilitated and injected with good thoughts and ideas and the pitches were just great. Seeds for future innovations for sure, created in a very short time.

This session was ended with a prompt to remain seated, calm down, reflect on what just had happened. And ponder what each individual felt and thought about it. In quiet, with eyes closed.

A big and pleasant surprise, touching your soul

Then, without anyone noticing at first, sweet music started to play in the room. A Romance from the beautiful piece “Pastoral suite” from the famous composer Lars-Erik Larsson. A peaceful atmosphere spread across the room.

With eyes shut after the pitch sequence, an ensemble of nine musicians sneaked into the center of the room and started to play.

Members of The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, also the Swedish National Orchestra, are on a mission to wake emotions and memories and give happiness and mindfulness to the people in western Sweden during these hard pandemic times.

The smiles and satisfaction in the workshoppers' faces was a clear sign that they succeeded. Music itself is a proved way to heal when your health or mind is not on top, and to release ideas when inspirational creation is happening.

When lunch was served we were given a short introduction by business developer Eva Essvik. She spoke about their hard work and continuous creation, normally in the Gothenburg Concert Hall, on tours and in many different constellations, but now in smaller ensembles in the region. The fantastic musicians continued with a mix of pieces of music and composers such as Divertimento by Mozart and Trumpet Concerto by Haydn. What a fantastic setup.

The second part of the day

Now some of the visitors, with special focus on health, sports, innovation and events, stayed for a new session during the afternoon. They were divided into two groups together with the keynote speakers.

This set started with a short presentation by Lars Bern, Business Region Göteborg, and Ola Jodal, RF SISU, about an initiative, “Sports, physical activity & event". A cluster initiative for research and innovation.

They pointed out the different visions in the public region, all striving for, in different ways and wording, to be leading in health, human quality of life, events and development. To be the first-choice region for visiting, working, studying and living, in comparison with other regions in Europe.

They concluded that we have a challenge with public health and physical activity, where sports and events, as well as social movement are enablers. Collaboration and cluster activities within sports and events would put us in a better position to be a leader, nationally and internationally.

The conclusion is that we need and have the preconditions for a more set cluster, involving scientists, business developers from the industry and leaders in public administration. And, of course, the active and activated people. We also got a comparison with other successful and innovative clusters within the Gothenburg greater regions, such as the Automotive and Mobility cluster, the Chemistry and Material cluster and Life Science cluster, that we are a part of. All of them a cluster in function, but sometimes not very strictly formatted and structured. Yet leaders internationally.

The final workshops. Two groups. Two tracks and two projects.

Focus was on how to take strategy into action. How to take good thoughts and ideas to the streets. The framework consisted of check in, idea creation, concretisation, diverging questions, common target, summary and check out.

The first group was centered around how to achieve “Increased Physical Literacy”. A concept, in some areas more adopted than in others, with the belief that you have to develop your movement capacity in your youth, to gain capability and confidence enough to motivate your self to activate and participate in physical activities. And to benefit from better health.

There is some psychology involved in order to feel comfortable to step out of your comfort zone and actually start practicing and learning. “Failure is not the opposite of success. It’s part of success”.

Stay tuned

A lot is happening and even more will happen at GoCo Health Innovation City. Together with GoCo Arena, more innovative content, thoughts, ideas and relations will emerge.

Stay tuned. Follow our work, and perhaps most important of all - keep exercising.

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