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The world-leading diagnostics company Fujirebio moves into GoCo Health Innovation City

The technically advanced laboratory building stands tall a little over one and a half years after the contract signing at the Swedish embassy in Tokyo in January of 2020. Fujirebio, owned by the Japanese organisation H.U Group, is now placing around 70 employees in the 8000 m2 building to develop tomorrow's immunodiagnostics.

"Fujirebio shares GoCo Health Innovations City's vision about collaboration as the key to innovation. We are thrilled that they chose to establish themselves here early, and we notice that their investment results in other companies follow their lead," says Joakim Garfvé, Property Manager at Next Step Group.

"In addition, we have had a close and excellent collaboration with significant commitment, which has made it possible to build such a complex building in a short time in the middle of a pandemic," he adds.

"Innovative solutions for better health care and health require a thorough understanding of medical needs and a close collaboration between healthcare providers, academic researchers, the pharmaceutical industry, and the diagnostic industry. That is the kind of platform that GoCo Health Innovation offers," says Christina Hall, CEO for Fujirebio Diagnostics.

The new Fujirebio building in GoCo is for developing tomorrow's diagnostics; this has meant high demands on the design and construction of the house. The building is installation-tight and contains, among other things, clean rooms, climate rooms, hygiene rooms, and advanced ventilation and installations. It also has a parallel cooling system to minimise malfunctions, and Fujirebio has had high demands on both lightning and air circulation.

"We are delighted with the building and that Next Step Group and BRA Bygg have been able to meet our specific requirements and deliver such an advanced solution in such a short time. We look forward to collaborating with more companies that establish themselves here," says Christina Hall.

The Fujirebio building is designed by Kanozi Architects and gives associations to Mount Fuji in Japan. It's one of the first buildings to be completed in GoCo Health Innovation City, the fast-growing life science city next to AstraZeneca in Mölndal. As early as 2022, the area's signature building GoCo House will welcome its first tenants, including publicly quoted XVIVIO Perfusion and AstraZeneca.

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