Sustainabilty Framework

What we’re doing

Some notable examples

Here, companies and individuals get the best conditions for a healthy life by facilitating to unconsciously choose the healthy choices.

Healthy workplace

• Tenant program to support a healthy worklife.

• Customization of workspaces done with regard to health and work environment.


• Restaurants and cafés with a rich and adapted range of healthy, sustainable and climate-smart alternatives.

Health promoting environments

• Certified according to WELL-community, Platinum level.

• 0-vision and active work to ensure no injuries and incidents at the workplace and buidlingsites.

• Design elements and art that invites to reflection and recovery.


• Buildings and outdoor environments are designed to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle and motivate people to meet.

GoCo Health Innovation City is designed, built and managed, for future generations, through climate-adapted choices of technology and materials and a high proportion of circularity.Tenants and businesses in the area are helped to reduce their climate impact.By 2030, we aim to be net climate neutral.

Environmental Classification

• Buildings are certified according to at least LEED level Gold and with the possible extra certification of WELL-building and “NettoNollCO2”

• Neighbourhood certified according to WELL-community, Platinum level.

Transports & Logistics

• Logistics coordination during construction and high proportion of fossil-free vehicles, to minimize transport and CO2e emissions

• Coordinated mobility services available to actors in the area

• Green Transport plan developed together with neighbors in the area

Sustainable Energy

• Net climate neutrality will be achieved in facility management by 2025 and the construction process by 2030 by minimizing energy use in the area, in buildings and at the activity level.

• Energy production on the properties, renewable electricity supply, green district heating and district cooling

Building materials and products

• Net climate neutrality will be achieved in management by 2025 and the construction process by 2030 by minimizing the climate impact of materials and building materials.

The area is developed and planned with regard to animal and nature values, as well as with a focus on creating a cohesive and inclusive district.

Cohesive city and inclusive workplaces

• Only suppliers who comply with our requirements for working conditions, human rights, business ethics and the environment (Code of Conduct is signed)

• Active and open ground floors to create a vibrant street environment, ensure "life between the houses" and meetings between people

Green and blue urban development

• Consideration of animal and nature values and planting of vegetation that favours or adds biological values

• Bio-diversity plan

• Replacing and moving the trees that are affected by the developments

• To the greatest extent create open stormwater management, green roofs and themed gardens

There is attractive and efficient mobility, logistics and good communications. In GoCo, sustainable travel culture is created through infrastructure investments, behavioral impact and service.

Transport and mobility solutions

• Walking and cycling shall be the primary transport options

• Encourage active mobility with the goal of 75% of tenants use provided mobility services

Sustainable travel

We work to reach:

• 100% of businesses in the area have their own travel policy

• By 2025, 50% of transport within, to and from GoCo will be fossil-free.

• By 2030, 80% of travel within, to and from GoCo will be fossil-free.


• Accessibility and orientability are adapted to make it easier for public transport, walking and cycling.

• Access to communication and service must meet the maximum point requirements according to LEED

Safe infrastructure

• Investments to ensure the 0-vision for accidents and serious incidents for vulnerable road users in our surroundings

• Stops and local environments are designed for safe public transport

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