GoCo Health Innovation City strives towards a more sustainable world. For the sake of the environment and the future - and for good health. Here we give people the possibility to work and live healthy in a sustainable area.


As a hub for innovation and health, GoCo also has a thorough approach to all aspects of sustainability. Energy-efficient buildings, environmental certifications, bike sharing, mobility hub, electric charging stations and other services that contributes to an overall reduced carbon footprint. Well-planned, open workspaces generates a positive and innovative work environment. And bike-friendly pathways, plenty of excercise facilities and soothing parks breathe life into the surroundings and create a welcoming neighbourhood. GoCo is aiming for net climate neutrality by 2030.

A modern and sustainable
city district

An urban center that truly simplifies your life. Buy your groceries on the lunchbreak or enjoy a coffee with a friend or colleague. Located nearby are cafés, gym and restaurants where you can network and mingle after work. Working from home has become a natural part of the modern work life. That’s why GoCo is building individually tailored and flexible offices with shared conference and meeting rooms that allow you to grow your workforce as and when needed.

Sustainabilty Framework

Promote health

Travel to GoCo

The new district is designed for future health. Therefore, sustainable transportation and an active commute is strongly recommended. Residents can choose between a range of flexible and sustainable transportation possibilities. Taking the bus one day, while taking the bike another day. An on demand mobility service will operate within GoCo Health Innovation City, where a range of different services will be provided.

WELL Community


The entire GoCo Health Innovation City district aims to become WELL Community certified, which is unique in the Nordics.The WELL Community Standard addresses issues related to health and well-being.

LEED Certification

All GoCo buildings are constructed to be certified with relevant environmental certification, at least LEED Gold or equivalent.

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